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Church of Scientology's Newest Addition to Downtown Clearwater

Church of Scientology The fourth and fifth floors will house facilities for that counseling, known as “auditing” (from the Latin word “audire” — to listen). A Scientology auditor is there to listen and help a parishioner find the sources within himself of unwanted conditions, problems and upsets in their lives and thereby resolve them. This floor will have 300 individual auditing rooms.

On average, the Flag Building, will be used daily by about 1,600 students and parishioners receiving counseling, along with 1,200 staff to service them.

The sixth floor will contain additional administrative offices.

Further, the basement will have a fully modern kitchen and dining facilities for the Church staff who will be working in this building. The dining space will accommodate up to 1,400 people at a time.

Additional features of the building include a comprehensive library of Scientology materials, a bell tower, a chapel for Sunday Service and religious ceremonies, lush landscaping and a fountain.


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